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Unbeatable power with HydroXtreme3. HydroXtreme3 is the single most powerful micropenis pump you’ll ever find. Combining legally unbeatable power with a simple, easy to use design, HydroXtreme3 means real gains for size and more.

Perfect for anyone up to 3 inches when erect, Bathmate HydroXtreme3 is only the second micropenis pump on the market, along with our Hydromax3. Used for up to 15 minutes daily, HydroXtreme3 quickly builds real improvements for penis size, erection quality, and personal confidence.

The world’s most powerful micropenis pump, HydroXtreme3 helps gain size and build confidence for those affected by micropenis.

  • Includes a complete, free Accessory Kit!
  • Use the included handball to maximise pressure.
  • Completely clinically certified safe to use.
  • Maximise size, sexual potential and power.
  • Includes a completely free 2 year warranty.

Most Powerful Micropenis

  • Pump Major size gains for micropenises.
  • Improve sexual stamina and erection quality.
  • The most powerful micropenis pump ever.
  • Real gains for those between 3 and 8 cm when erect.

Like every Bathmate hydropump, HydroXtreme3 is easy to use, and quickly build real results. In the bath or shower, just fill your pump with warm water, attach it to your body, and build up vacuum power with the handball.

Our HydroXtreme series is ideal if you’re looking for unbeatable gains. Because of the handball, it’s easy to maximise pressure, achieving the best possible results as you develop size and hardness.

While Bathmate means real results, you don’t have to take my word for it. Head over to Bathmate Reviews to see how much our pumps have benefitted over 1 million worldwide users!

Additional Information

Weight 1430 kg
Dimensions 180 × 375 × 160 cm
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